The Lake District

(All photos by Sheila Kumar. All images are subject to copyright.)

                                                              The view from the train window.

         A Turner painting comes alive.

      Another Church Street, some distance from Bangalore.

        Up above Windermere, the view on one side.....

...and the other. The long and winding Lake Windermere spread out below us.

A Daffodil Garden dedicated to the Lake District`s most famous son. 

St Oswald`s Church where the Poet is buried.

                                       Wordsworth`s grave, which he shares along with wife Mary.

                                                                Bucolic? Pastoral? Bliss! 

                                                      A  manor house typical of the area.

                                             The mysterious Stone Circle at Castelrigg.

                                                A wishing tree? Chanced upon while on a trek. 

                                                            The road formerly known as.....!

                                                 One of the Herdwick sheep native to Cumbria. 

                                                        Feeding the birds at Bowness.

Which came first, Butterbeer or Harry Potter?

A Memory Quilt at the From Auschwitz to Ambleside exhibition. 300 Jewish orphans from East European concentration camps were brought over to the Lake District to recover and recuperate, to fashion a new life for themselves.

                                                   An iconic  17th century lodging in Troutbeck.

                                                   Coniston Water on a not very sunny morning. 

                                                               All set for a day on the water. 

A carved stone in the gardens of Rydal Hall.

Rajkumar or rajkumari? 

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