SEEN AROUND SINA

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                                 They have a sense of humour, these  Beijingers.

This polite but stern warning in our Shanghai hotel room caused much bemusement, amusement...and the immediate urge to follow a stranger!

                                Delighted to find they use English pretty much in the manner we do.

                                                          Reassurance or advertising?!

                                                   We took good care not to er, knockhead.


         No, I didn`t go in there. This was clicked by a friend, and good for him, too.

And this is the friend politely sending up Miss India`s ...promoter/owner/chef/boyfriend???

...and whaddya know? It did taste better. No, I won`t get into any discussion about better than what.

                                                        Sans comment.

Better warned, eh?

                                                                    ...and here, too! 

When language lets down the most noble of intentions. via Rahul Prajapati.

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