Bouza. They made for a great breakfast and kept one going through the day.

Jianbing. A fried egg crepe with all kinds of delicious fillings, veg and non-veg. 
We were gorging on these in the mornings when not scarfing down bouzas.

Platter at an eatery known for its dumplings, with all kinds of fillings ranging from root veggies to meats.

Shredded potatoes fried with chili and vinegar. Imagine tartly flavoured sev.

Note the Sichuan peppercorns atop this dish. First your lips start to tingle, then 
your mouth goes numb. The effect lasts untll you exit the eatery.

The justly famed Peking Duck. It is rolled into the thin rice pancake along with the cucumber and scallion, dipped in the hoisin sauce and then savoured. Quite a production but totally worth it.

Malatang. A very popular dish in Beijing. Meat, veggies, bean curd, whatever you want, tossed with noodles and cooked in a mildly spicy broth.

This mouth-watering dish is what you get when you put eggplant, pulled pork, celery, garlic cloves, green and white onions together.

Street food at its best. A rack of succulent lamb.No seasoning, no garnish whatsoever, and none needed either.

Turkish grilled fish and a mild version of spiced noodles on a Shanghai street.

Chicken hotpot in a basement eatery run solely by fierce Chinese women.

The famous Biangbiang flat noodles.

Beef  tossed with cumin but not so strong as to drown its taste.

Gee about to bite into a  donkey `hamburg` which tasted like 
corned beef. I kept thinking of Eeyore, though. 

Kung Pao Chicken. You could describe it as a dish made with chicken, peanuts, veggies, chili peppers. Or you could stop describing and start eating, not finishing till the last morsel is gone.

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