The Nilgiris: a deeply personal montage

All pictures by SHEILA KUMAR except where otherwise mentioned.
 All images are subject to copyright.

                                                      Sign at the Bandipur National Park.

                                        The last of the `Bens` when coming up from Coimbatore.

View of the rolling hills from the quaintly named Shooting Medu.

Just another misty morn.

                                                     A picturequely ramshackle storehouse.

                                  The glorious clock tower at the Lawrence School in Lovedale.

                                                 The utterly charming Lovedale station.

                                           One of  many picturesque forest paths in Coonoor.

Even the dandelion looks prettier.

A bower of roses in a certain Aravankadu house.

                                The angel that serves as a headstone in the Wellington cemetery.

                            The magnificent pipe organ at  St George`s Garrison Church in Wellington.

                             The eucalyptus tree-lined track in the Ketty valley. (Pic: Yaj Malik)

                               One mist-laden morning at the Pykara Lake. (Pic: Yaj Malik)

                                          Jacaranda lights up the landscape at Wellington.

                                                         A Toda dwelling up in the hills.

                                                          A Toda deity etched in stone.

A roadside shrine.

 `...and amidst the tea bushes we will roam.`

                                                The view from a certain balcony in Wellington.

                                                        Can`t get any clearer now, can it?

                                                                    At the Raleigh Dam.

                                                         A composition in green and gold.

                                        Fleabane daisies on a school wall.


The legendary avare of the hills.

The Sleeping Beauty sprawls in wanton fashion. 

Could well be a Constable landscape.

                                                                     Ooty`s own Eeyore.

                                  Dawn breaks over the hills. Shot from Aravankadu. (Pic: Karun T.)

                                   Spotted near the Wellington Golf Course. (Pic: G V Kumar)

                                                  Orchids ablaze on a steep hill in Ooty.

                                                        Sitting pretty in a tea garden.....

                                        Things one come across while on a Coonoor walkabout.

                                                 The stately Nilgiri Library in Ooty.

                                               Spellings don`t really count, do they?

                                                 An old peach tree breaks out in blossom.

Entrance to the Kandal Cross church, where they keep a relic of the Holy Cross.

A Coonoor tea factory

A certain tree just after a pruning session....

                                                      ...and growing back to its lush glory!

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